Impodster Syndrome with Nick Ede

Impodster Syndrome


A Modern Day Curse

Social Anxiety Syndrome – better known as Imposter Syndrome – is a real thing and can affect people from all walks of life, especially those in the public eye, from comedians, to actors, to broadcasters. Why can’t we accept our successes? What makes us doubt our achievements? How can we get over it?

Nick Ede, who should totally be hosting a podcast, explores this phenomenon talking to some of the most successful and talented people in the public eye.

Nick Ede

Nick Ede

Meet the Host

Nick is a multi-award-winning charity campaigner, TV presenter and popular culture expert.

Nick was raised in Edinburgh, Scotland and an early age Nick was taught that being a philanthropist is not just about writing a cheque, it’s about holding a hand and doing whatever you can to help and make lives better for other people. He now runs East Of Eden PR in London and has his own foundation style for stroke which supports those who have been affected by stroke.

His career is firmly rooted in TV and brand and his agile approach blends an insatiable interest for trends, with his business savvy mind-set in an ever-changing media landscape. With his A list friends and Royal connections Nick is the go-to guy for all things, Brand, Style, Philanthropy, Royal and Romance.

He is a regular on Good Morning Britain and is currently working on a documentary series for a streaming service. Nick has over 15 years of TV experience and has appeared as a regular on shows including The Royal Box, Ultimate Matchmaker, OK! TV, Project Catwalk, Diet On The Dancefoor, 24 Hour Catwalk, Market Kitchen and many more.